Q. Does every pet need to be groomed?
A. Having your pet professionally groomed accomplishes more than just making your pet's coat look nice and shiny. A professional pet groomer will examine your pet's ears, nails, teeth, skin, eyes, and hair coat. These areas can become problems quickly and can be overlooked by the owner.\

Q. What age should a puppy get groomed?
We recommend at 12-14 weeks of age getting the puppy used to having a bath, ears cleaned, and their nails cut.

Q. What vaccines should my pet have before getting groomed?
All dogs should have an annual DHLPP booster, a Rabies vaccine and a Bordetella booster. All cats should have an annual FVRCP booster and a Rabies vaccine.

Q. How often should I get my pet groomed?
. The length of time between grooming depends on what breed of dog you have. As a general rule, we recommend every 8-12 weeks.

Q. What can I do in between grooming to keep my pet's coat in good shape?
Brushing your dog or cat for a few minutes each day will help to keep him or her free of problems with the skin and hair coat.

Q. How often should I bathe my dog?
Over-bathing a pet can remove natural oils, which are essential to the health of his or her coat. We recommend not bathing more than once a month unless your pet has specific skin problems and is under a veterinarian's care.

Q. What do I do if I think my pet has fleas?
. Make a grooming appointment as soon as possible. Explain to the groomer why you think your pet has fleas so he/she can recommend the best treatment for your pet. **Remember** 1 flea on your pet is 99 in your carpet so to be safe, treat your carpets with a veterinary recommended product. A good idea is to do this while your pet is at the groomer.

Q. What do I do if I find a tick on my pet?
First, do not remove it with your hands! Take a pair of tweezers and grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull firmly. Ticks may carry many diseases and you should call your veterinarian and let them know.